Tony Baldwin
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Government and policy

'Public law', 'public policy' and 'government relations' have become fashionable fields for advisory firms in the New Zealand over recent years.

The boundaries are broad, covering virtually all actions and decisions by public bodies, particularly government departments, agencies, Parliament and Cabinet.

There is a tendency to over-play the complexity of government processes, causing private sector firms to think that they should not engage with the public sector without a specialist adviser.

This is certainly not the case. For the most part, government processes in New Zealand are comparatively open, and readily accessible to all range of people and interest groups.

However, for tricky regulatory issues, value can certainly be added by a specialist with real expertise.

Tony Baldwin has a significant track record in public policy and law, including (between 1990 and 1999) as:

  • An intern with Senator Carl Levin, a US Senator from Michigan
  • A member of the Policy Advisory Group in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Chair of the senior officials group servicing the Cabinet Committee on Enterprise and Innovation, which covered all micro-economic policy issues
  • A member of the senior officials group servicing the Cabinet Legislation Committee, which scrutinised all Bills before their introduction in the House, and managed the Government's legislative programme
  • Chair of the Officials Committee on Energy Policy
  • Liaising with the Prime Minister's Enterprise Council

Tony has worked at a high level with SOEs, Crown entities, Commissions, professional organisations and interest groups.

In early 2007, Tony was engaged by the Government to review and help develop a NZ Defence Force proposal to acquire satellite communication services at a reported cost of $100m.

In September 2008, Tony was engaged to assist the Ministry of Defence and NZ Defence Force in resolving a major contract dispute with BAE Systems in relation to Project Protector