Tony Baldwin
Business | Policy

Service objective

Tony’s objective is to add value to every client, drawing on a richness of expertise in law, policy and business to help solve hard problems.

Delivery focus

Tony has a strong track record of achieving clients’ objectives within extremely demanding constraints. Examples include:

  • Achieving within limited timeframes industry agreement on technical and operational rules for unbundling access to various broadband telecommunication services
  • Co-ordination and completion of public share offerings in Australia and New Zealand
  • Within 12 months, providing a complete package, with contracts and legislation, to restructure ECNZ and the electricity distribution companies
  • Within 12 months, providing a package of measures to corporatise and deregulate the NZ Dairy, Apple and Pear, and Kiwifruit Boards, and to restructure levy arrangements for the Pork, Meat and Wool Boards
  • Within 12 months, providing a complete package of new disclosure rules for public offerings of financial securities

Dexterity of disciplines

Tony's dexterity across a range of disciplines and personalities makes him well suited to complement and enhance multidisciplinary teams.

He has worked extensively with:

  • Senior directors and chief executives, particularly in the energy, banking, and agricultural sector Leading corporate, securities and anti-trust lawyers
  • Public law specialists, including the Crown Law Office and the previous Solicitor General
  • Economic advisers, management consultants and investment bankers
  • Financial managers, accountants and auditors
  • Communications specialists and media representatives
  • A wide range of government agencies, including MED, Treasury, Foreign Affairs, Environment, Conservation, Treaty Settlements, and Parliamentary Council, and
  • Cabinet ministers and members of Parliament