Tony Baldwin
Business | Policy
Electricity Industry

Since 1991, Tony has been closely involved at a senior level in various major reforms to the New Zealand electricity industry.

He was the Government's chief negotiator and coordinator in separating the Electricity Corporation into the current four generator-retailers: Contact, Meridian, Genesis, and Mighty River Power.

Tony was also closely involved in the corporatisation of lines companies, a major review of Comalco's contracts, the separation of Transpower, transmission pricing policy, the formation of the wholesale market, the separation of lines from generation and retail, and responding to various security of supply events.

Tony was earlier involved in multidisciplinary reviews relating to the ownership of Manapouri and smaller hydro stations.

Over recent years, Tony has advised the Electricity Commission on security of supply policy, and chaired industry groups in developing model retail contracts and improving the electricity hedge market.

Tony has strong relationships at a senior level with a wide range of market participants, government agencies, service providers, and other consultants.