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NZ Defence Force's Satellite Proposal
March/April 2007


In 2006, NZ Defence Forces developed a major proposal to acquire broadband satellite communication services from NZLSAT, a company owned by ABN Amro, ACC and three individuals, which has certain rights to establish and operate a geostationary communications satellite at the orbital position 158º East.

Tony's role

During March and April 2007, Tony was engaged by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to provide project management services in relation to this project, in particular to assess and help develop:

  • NZDF's business case, including a range of alternative options;
  • Potential business cases from other emergency and security agencies (such as Customs, Civil Defence, Fisheries, Fire, Maritime Co-ordination, GCSB, and Police);
  • Potential business cases from other government departments and agencies;
  • Possible impacts on New Zealand's telecommunications market in general, the broadband market in particular; and
  • Possible costs, benefits and risks for telecommunication services in South Pacific countries.


Tony reported to the chief executives of the:

  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Ministry of Defence
  • NZ Defence Forces
  • Ministry of Economic Development

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