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Murchison and Tasman Glaciers

Gouging out Mt Cook's eastern flank, the Tasman and Murchison glaciers, and their adjoining catchments, offer exceptional ski touring and ski mountaineering, with a myriad of couloirs, bowls, peaks, ice falls and head-walls to explore. The photos below follow a stunning arch of glaciated terrain, from the Aida Glacier at one end, curving around to the Darwin and Bonny Glaciers at the other end. It is one of New Zealand’s special places.


Climbing Aida Glacier


View from Sydney King of Glessen, Mace and Godley glacier lakes.


View down Joie de Vie glacier, across to Glessen glacier


View from Aida Glacier across to Murchison Glacier and Headwall


Skiing off Sydney King


Murchison Glacier - our depot


Murchison Hut


Touring up the Murchison


View from bottom of Murchison Headwall up to Kelman Hut on top of cliff


Peak above Kelman Hut


Ice fall above Tasman Saddle Hut


Tasman Saddle Hut


Hochstetter Dome


Schrund at ridge of Mt


View toward Tasman Saddle Hut (Mt Cook in clouds behind)


Tasman Saddle Hut, view on to Tasman Glacier


Ice fall below Tasman Saddle Hut


Touring up Ann Glacier


Mt Cook (left) and Mt Tasman (right with clouds)


Skiing off Hochstetter down Anns Glacier


Laps on Anns Glacier. Lower Tasman Glacier below. Mt Cook on ridge


Climbing the Darwin Bowls


Ice fall below Mt Green


Skin change on the Tasman


Darwin Glacier


Lower Tasman Glacier (without snow)



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