Tony Baldwin
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Government and Policy - Services

Public policy

  • Assess strategic costs, risks and opportunities for clients in relation to government policy proposals or processes
  • Design strategies to help clients achieve their objectives in government processes, including communications strategies
  • Develop alternative policy proposals, including cost-benefit analysis using law and economic techniques

Legal interpretation

  • Advise on the legal framework within clients operate, including the meaning and effect of statutes, regulations and rules
  • Develop strategies to mitigate possible adverse effects of legislation on clients' plans
  • Design legislative proposals for industry and interest groups

Legislative drafting

  • Help draft statues, regulations, and government policy statements with government officials
  • Prepare rules for private and public organisations, including constitutions, industry rules and codes of conduct


  • Work with industries to negotiate key regulatory and market design issues within a framework acceptable to relevant regulators


  • Represent clients in departmental, agency, commission, Cabinet, and Parliamentary processes
  • Prepare and present submissions to officials, tasks forces, inquiries, Ministers, Cabinet Committees, Select Committees, the Commerce Commission, the Electricity Commission, and other similar bodies