Tony Baldwin
Business | Policy

Treaty of Waitangi - Services

Tony offers advisory and management services for the Crown and Maori in relation to Treaty of Waitangi issues, including:


  • Analysis of the environment and constraints within which a negotiation is to take place
  • Evaluation of costs, benefits, risks and opportunities
  • Design of strategy and scenario planning
  • Structure for the negotiations, and team formation
  • Liaison with interest groups


  • Coordination of advice from lawyers, bankers, RMA specialists, and historians
  • Implementation of negotiations
  • Drafting deeds and related contracts
  • Communications plan
  • Inter-agency liaison, particularly with Ministers, senior officials, and the Parliamentary Counsel Office


  • Working with the Parliamentary Counsel Office on drafting legislation to implement any settlement deed
  • Approval by Cabinet and information to Caucus and other interest parties
  • Legal requirements in relation to consultation with Maori
  • Support for the Parliamentary and Select Committee processes
  • Implementation of the settlement, including issues of interpretation and execution
  • Strategies and structures to ensure effective post-settlement governance