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Some examples of Tony's work in the electricity field include:

Genesis Energy – Acquisition of Nova Energy’s LPG business (2017)

Genesis Energy – Acquisition of NZOG’s 15% stake in Kupe (2016)

Waitaha hydro proposal (2015 – present)  Tony prepared a detailed independent assessment for the Minister of Conservation of a 16-20 MW hydro generation proposal by Westpower for the Waitaha River on the West Coast. He also made a range of submissions in a private independent capacity.

Genesis – Initial Public Offering (2011 to 2014)
Tony was the Project Manager for the Company of the IPO by which the Crown sold 49% of its shares in Genesis Energy, which included assisting the Company with its preparations for the sale and related scoping study processes.

Electricity Industry Review – Transpower (2010)
Tony assisted Transpower – the System Operator in particular – in considering the implications of the industry changes to be introduced by the Government following its 2009 review process

Electricity Industry Review – Contact Energy (2009)
Tony assisted Contact Energy in formulating its response to the Government’s review of the industry, and in particular key changes to recommend to the Electricity Technical Advisory Group and the Ministry of Economic Development

Electricity Industry Review – Genesis Energy (2009)
Tony assisted Genesis Energy in formulating its response to the Government’s consideration of asset reconfiguration options among the SOE generators.

Transpower (2008 – 09)
In late 2009, Tony facilitated an industry workshop for Transpower on its T2040 strategy. In August 2008 and January 2009, Tony facilitated workshops for Transpower’s Grid Investment division in relation to its organisational strategy.

Transpower’s grid upgrade proposals (2007)
Tony assisted Transpower in planning and managing stakeholder workshops on various grid investment proposals, in particular for North Auckland and Northland, Waitaki to Christchurch, and the HVDC Pole 1 retirement or replacement.

Transpower's grid investment process (2006-07)
In late 2006, Tony assisted Transpower in reviewing its internal and external processes for making grid investment decisions, in particular how grid planning, costs-benefit analysis, resource management, and land-owner approvals should be integrated in the decision-making process. Transpower’s review included internal workshops and consultation with stakeholders.

Security of Supply (1992 – 2007)
Security of supply in New Zealand’s electricity industry has been a recurring fundamental issue. Tony has been closely involved in public policy design in this field since 1992.
In October 2007, Tony provided a submission to the Commission on its legal duties in relation to security of supply.

Commission's legal framework (2004)
The Electricity Commission was formed in 1994. It is an usual hybrid creation, with a curious mix of functions within a complex regulatory regime. Some political and industry perceptions of its role do not correspond with functions and relationships set out in the Act within which it operates. Tony prepared a report for the Electricity Commission on this legal framework.

Hedge Market Development Group (2004 - present)
Tony chairs a group of senior industry executives who have developed a package of measures to improve the market for instruments used in managing electricity spot and basis price. Reports of July 2006 set out the group’s analysis and recommendations, which have been accepted the Electricity Commission. The Group’s role now is to act as a sounding board for the Commission as it implements the Group’s proposals. The Group meets when requested by the Commission.

Model retail contract (2004)
Under the Metering and Reconciliation Information Agreement established by the industry in 1994, Tony chaired a stakeholder group which negotiated model retail electricity contracts for the industry and consumers. Responsibility for this project was transferred to the Electricity Commission in May 2004

Formation of Genesis, Meridian and Mighty River Power (1998)
Tony also led the Government's team of officials, advisers and consultants responsible for negotiating the restructuring of ECNZ into three competing SOEs, and preparing the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998 to implement the Government's decisions. Contact Energy was privatised in early 1999 for NZ$2.3 billion following this restructuring.

Formation of Contact Energy (1996)
Tony led the Government's team of officials, advisers and consultants responsible for negotiating the sale of certain assets by Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, and overseeing the formation of Contact Energy.

Other Involvement

Tony also coordinated Government teams, and advised Cabinet on:

  • Electricity Shortage Inquiry 1992
  • Separating Transpower from ECNZ (1992/93)
  • Reviewing Comalco's contracts (1992)
  • Corporatising distribution and retail companies (1992)
  • Wholesale electricity pricing discussions with ECNZ (1991 - 98)
  • Transmission pricing discussions (1991 - 98)
  • Various industry working groups, reviews, taskforces and studies (1991 - 1998)
  • Inquiry into Auckland power supply failure (1998)


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