Tony Baldwin
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Project Management - Examples

Some examples of Tony's achievements in managing complex projects include:

Genesis Energy – Acquisition of Nova Energy’s LPG business (November 2016 – May 2017)
Tony was Programme Manager for Genesis Energy’s acquisition of Nova Energy’s LPG business for $192 million. The transaction included a process letter agreed with Nova (on transaction and process parameters), a sale and purchase agreement, a transition services agreement, a gas supply agreement, a $225 million hybrid bond offer, and an option to acquire Nova’s shares in Liquigas.
The project management role included: (i) coordinating the transaction across Genesis Energy’s team of around 30 people in different parts of the business, plus external advisers (legal, financial and operational); (ii) reporting to a steering committee (CEO, CFO and two executive general managers), and to the company’s due diligence committee; and (iii) providing commercial and strategy advice to the company’s CEO and CFO

Genesis Energy – Acquisition of NZOG’s 15% stake in Kupe (October-November 2016)
Tony was Project Manager for Genesis Energy’s acquisition of NZ Oil and Gas’ 15% interest in the Kupe oil and gas field for $168 million. This project management role included (i) coordinating the transaction across the Genesis Energy team and with the company’s advisers, (ii) reporting to the company’s due diligence committee, and (iii) providing advice to the company’s CEO and CFO.

IPO of Genesis Energy (May 2013 to April 2014)
Tony was the Project Manager for Genesis Energy of the IPO by which the Crown sold 49% of its shares in Genesis Energy for $736 million to overseas and New Zealand institutions, and the New Zealand public. This project management role included (i) coordinating the transaction within the Genesis Energy team, and between the Company, the Crown’s Joint Lead Managers and other advisers; (ii) supporting the CEO; and (iii) assisting with strategic issues. From July 2011 to May 2013, Tony advised the CEO of Genesis Energy on key strategic issues and assisted the Company with its preparations for the sale and related scoping and IPO processes.

NZ United World College Trust (2006 – 2011)
Chairperson, New Zealand United World College Trust – a project to assess the viability of establishing a United World College in New Zealand on a philanthropic basis. This involved establishing a talented board and group of advisers, developing a project plan, raising $850,000 in cash, gaining rights to an outstanding 16 hectare site near to Queenstown with a concept plan, developing a leading-edge education framework, together with an implementation plan and a detailed financial model.

Navy ships contract dispute (Sept 2007 – Feb 2010)
Special Adviser to the Secretary of Defence – Successful resolution of major warranty issues relating to a $500m contract between the Crown and BAE Systems for the purchase of seven new naval ships

NZDF satellite proposal (2007)
In March and April 2007, Tony provided project management services to the New Zealand Government in relation to a proposal by the NZ Defence Forces to spend a reported $100m to acquire broadband satellite services

Telecommunications: Local loop unbundling (2006 - 2008)
Tony led two working parties established by the telecommunications industry to develop technical and operational rules for the implementation of ‘local loop unbundling’ and ‘naked DSL’ in New Zealand

Producer Board Project Team (1999)
Tony led a multidisciplinary team established to develop and implement for each board a reform package toward a more open and efficient market for exporting, which included removing the Board's statutory protections.

Formation of Contact Energy (1996)
Tony led the Government's team of officials, advisers and consultants responsible for negotiating the sale of certain assets by the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand and overseeing the formation of Contact Energy.

Formation of Genesis, Meridian and Mighty River Power (1998)
Tony also led the Government's team of officials, advisers and consultants responsible for negotiating the restructuring of ECNZ into three competing SOEs, and preparing the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998 to implement the Government's decisions. Contact Energy was privatised in early 1999 for NZ$2.3 billion following this restructuring.