Tony Baldwin
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Company and Commercial - Services

Tony offers advisory and management services in relation to a range of company and commercial issues:

Corporate structure and governance

  • Governance structures to implement business objectives and strategies
  • Costs and benefits of alternative organisational forms, including companies, cooperatives, partnerships, trusts, and joint ventures
  • Constitutions and how power should be allocated between shareholders and directors
  • Good processes for board and management decision-making, including how to apply the law relating to directors' duties to particular decisions
  • How to build stronger governance capacity within an organisation
  • Skills and strategies at board and senior management levels to achieve key objectives
  • The role of directors and shareholders under the State-owned Enterprises Act and the Crown Research Institutes Act

Negotiations and contracts

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each party to a negotiation
  • Strategies and execution plans to achieve desired outcomes
  • Tactics and implementation during a negotiation
  • Draft contracts, including requests for proposals, offers, sale and purchase agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and equipment supply contracts
  • How to resolve contractual disputes efficiently

Public share floats, mergers and take-overs

  • Options for raising equity funds and/or expanding the business
  • The wider environment within which a transaction is to take place
  • Strategies to execute the transaction efficiently
  • Coordination of inputs from financial advisers, lawyers, auditors, brokers, communications advisers and other parties
  • Due diligence
  • Draft offering documents
  • Negotiation of commercial contracts related to a public offering, merger or take-over
  • Communications strategies
  • Investment adviser disclosure packages
  • Processes for addressing any Commerce Act issues

Industry facilitation

  • Options for addressing key issues that impact on an industry as a whole or require industry-wide agreement
  • Chairmanship of pan-industry processes
  • Intermediation with industry parties and interest groups
  • Report writing

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